The Willenberg Award

This award was named in honor of Christian Josef Willenberg (1676 - 1731), a Military Engineer, colonel of the Regiment d'Alsaze, First Building Professor in the Central Europe and founder of the Prague Technical University, that was founded by the rescript of the Emperor Josef I of 18 January 1707 on the petition of Christian Willenberg.

This Award recognizes the engineers in area of secure-safe design, construction, exploitation and science research in applying in both military and civilian engineering. Award granted in cooperation of Department of Building Technologies from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the CTU in Prague (ČVUT v Praze), Willenberg Foundation and National Safety and Helth Construction Coordinators Organisation (ČSSK ČSSI). Each recipient receives a medal, diploma (certificate), ribbon bar and presentation box. 

The Willenberg Foundation administers this award and information relating to nomination procedures can be obtained by contacting the Administration by email:

Nomination Form (PDF)


Closing date: 16 May, 2016

Award ceremony: 31 May, 2016


Willenberg Award Dinner on September 7th, 2015
















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