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2017 03/11

2016 13/12

ICDCI 2016

ICDCI2016 International Conference on Durability of Critical Infrastructure. Monitoring and Testing

6 - 9 December 2016, Šatov, Czech Republic

The International Conference on Durability of Critical Infrastructure. Monitoring and Testing - ICDCF 2016 provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent developments in the theoretical and practical aspects in the fields of Safety, Sustainability and Durability of the Critical Infrastructure, which brings together professionals from the engineering and scientific fields.

2016 20/04

Christian Josef Willenberg Award

The Willenberg Foundation sponsors the professional excellence award – the Christian Josef Willenberg Medal. This Award recognizes the engineers in area of secure-safe design, construction, exploitation and science research in applying in both military and civilian engineering. To obtain award policy and application form click here.

Closing date: 16 May, 2016

Award ceremony: 31 May, 2016

2016 04/04

SDeCUS 2016 

International Conference on Safety Design and Construction of Underground Structures on 11th - 13th 2016 

Safety in construction have the highest priority in the engineering of a underground structures and have to be fully integrated into the every stage of activities like design, construction and exploitation. This theme is of a great importance for researching a new more safety technology development.

2015 08/09

Willenberg Award Dinner on September 7th, 2015

This award was named in honor of Christian Josef Willenberg (1676 - 1731), a Military Engineer, colonel of the Regiment d'Alsaze, First Building Professor in the Central Europe and founder of the Prague Technical University, that was founded by the rescript of the Emperor Josef I of 18 January 1707 on the petition of Christian Willenberg.

2015 26/03

International Conference on Building Safety and Secure 2015 

10-12 August 2015, Czech Technical University in Prague

Security and safety measures, such as those for anti-terrorism with using VBIED (vehicle borne improvised explosive device), for example can result not even in the collapse of objects related to critical infrastructure all over the world but a great loss of life of the civilians and must be considered within a total project context, including impacts on occupants and the environment, regardless of the level of protection deemed appropriate. The meeting aims to attract papers in all related fields, in addition to those listed under the Conference Topics, as well as case studies describing practical experiences.

2015 09/01

Technical visite to the Dlouhé stráně

Report from the tecnical visite to the largest pumped storage plant in the Czech Republic located on the Desna River. It has 2 turbines with a normal power of 325 megawatts each one. The elevated reservoir is situated on top of the Dlouhe Strane Mointain (1350 m) above the sea. It has the largesr reversing water turbine in Europe.

2014 25/09

International Workshop on Building Sustainability and Building Security

11 - 12 June 2014

Building Sustainability and Building Security, is an interdisciplinary area of research and application that brings together in a systematic view, many disciplines of engineering, from the traditional to the most technologically advanced. The conference is aimed at engineers, scientists, field researchers, managers and other specialists involved in the theoretical and practical aspects of Building sustainability and Building security.