DOI: 10.14311/BSS.2014.0024



 Helmut Kurth1*, Karl-Heinz Winter1

1HTG für Bauwesen, Schwerin, Germany

*Corresponding author. Email: dr.kurth@t-online.de


Modern high-rise buildings have to satisfy statics as well as economic requirements. In an investment type structure, particularly for office buildings, the optimum cost is relative to the rental revenue that can be realised in the real estate market. Evaluation of various alternates for rentability is important. The space immediately next to the glass line for a depth of 7.5 to 10 m is categorised as prime space due to proximity to natural light and would fetch prime rent. Interior column spacings have a similar significance. As an ideal situation, it would be desirable to have no columns in the prime space and the floor could span from the perimeter structural frame to the building core. Apartment buildings are similarly controlled in terms of the distance from the facade to the building core, since apartments located without any window view are unrentable. From the point of view of statics, the structural systems of tall buildings must particularly be efficient in resisting lateral forces imposed by wind or earthquake. It is typical that tall building systems involve the structural interaction of concrete and steel components. The steel components may consist of reinforcing steel or  structural steel. The prime variables are the type of interaction and the degree of interaction. The type of  interaction is dependent on a wide variety of steel and concrete compositions ranging from a simple composite member to an assemblage of composite or steel or concrete subsystems. The degree of interaction is concerned with the proportionality of participations of concrete or steel to overall strength and stiffness of the system. 



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