DOI: 10.14311/BSS.2014.0023


Ing. Josef Kučera1*

1 Metrostav a.s. Koželužská 2450/4

Praha 8, 180 00, Czech Republic


 *Corresponding author. Email: josef.kucera@metrostav.cz


Construction is currently focusing more on the descriptive characteristics of the quality of the production process. The pursuit of innovation and development of a manufacturing process is very sporadic. When it starts with the innovation process, usually the feedback is missing. Information about the defects found in the application of innovation is invaluable basis for risk elimination and thus improve the quality of the production process. The innovation should be based on the need to increase efficiency and quality of the production process, especially for those activities that are the source of many disorders, especially due to poor technology implementation. The innovative step is to verify the possibility of replacing the glass fibre reinforcement by mesh polypropylene fibres that are mixed with filling compound prior to applying the sticker insulator. 


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