DOI: 10.14311/BSS.2014.0017





Lubomír Krov1*

1 Cambium-Projects co., Prague, Czech Republic 

*Corresponding author. Email: lubomir@krov.info 

The 3D spatial Prefabrication System was inspired by the shape, which resembles a slightly open book. The form is defined by the combination of an effort for maximum usage of solar energy as a natural source of warmth and a response to the Socrates´s idea of an ideal house shape. The final effect was achieved by subordinating structure details to the total geometry of the building and selecting suitable surfaces. OpenBook is comprised of three basic modules: the right side, the middle part and the left side. You can place any number of central modules between the sides to enlarge the interior space. 

KEYWORDS: Sustainability, Spatial prefabrication Systém, Timber Structures


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