DOI: 10.14311/BSS.2014.0010


Lyubov A. Shilova1*

1 Moscow state university of Civil Engineering, Yaroslavskoye shosse 26,Moscow, Russia

*Corresponding author. Email: shilova_lyubov@mail.ru

The propagation and attenuation of air blast waves of methane-air mixtures in underground structures has its own One of the first definitions of term «stability» was formulated by Leonhard Euler in 1749. It was time when the main scientific problem was a providing stability of the ships. That’s why the scientist described stability according to ship stability theory. Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Joseph La Salle,  Alexander  M. Liapunov, Henri Poincare are the pioneers of studying this field of knowledge too. Mathematical theory of stability is associated with names of these scientists. Nowadays term «stability» has another definition. Stability is a condition of safety. And it’s rather important definition in case of an emergency situation at life support facilities. This article proposes one possible variant of evaluation of engineering and functional stability to improve the safety of life support facilities. This method helps to work out recommendations to improve stability of these facilities. Also there is a description of two groups of indicators, which reflected the properties of the object, and determination of their thresholds.

KEYWORDS: safety, integrated sustainability assessment, life support facilities, information, emergency situations


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