DOI: 10.14311/BSS.2014.0002


Martina Drdlová1*, Radek Holešinský1, Radek Řídký2, Stanislav Rolc3

1Research institute for building materials, JSC, Hněvkovského 65, 61700 Brno,

3SVS FEM, Škrochova 48, Brno,

3Military research institute, Veslařská 230

*Corresponding author. Email: drdlova@vustah.cz

The paper summarizes the up to now results of the development of special concrete intended for the explosion resistance applications, the emphasis is put also on minimal secondary fragments formation at the explosion. The fine-grained concrete matrix was reinforced by various types of dispersed fibers (metallic, glass, and polymer) of different sizes and by their combination, while the same volume content of fibers was kept, or the maximum dosage was found at still acceptable workability. The concrete prism samples were subjected to the determination of mechanical parameters (compressive and flexural strength, modulus of elasticity). The concrete test elements of the same sizes as commercial products were made and their explosion resistance was tested. The material characteristics and explosion test data were used for modeling the adequate wall thickness of the concrete element which shall resist the explosion defined by type, size, weight and placement of the blast.


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